Do you remove arrests from all mugshot websites listed on the internet?

Yes, We specialize in removals from Arrests.Org as they do not offer an option for expedited removal. We also offer removals from all other mugshot listing sites, see RemoveMugshots.com for pricing and details.

Is the removal permanent?

Yes. We permanently remove your information from the site you request unless you are arrested again after the removal. In which case, you would have to remove the new arrest. The arrest info we remove will not show back up.

Will the image and link be removed from Google, and the other search engines?

Yes, once we remove your information from the mugshot site(s) you request, we submit a removal request to Google. The removal time varies and is dependent on google itself, generally, links are removed within 1-2 weeks. There is no reliable way to submit a removal request to Search Engines like Bing and Yahoo. The link and image will fall off on their naturally within 1-12 weeks after the search engines spider programs re-scan the mugshot site and see the information was deleted.
Is the removal service guaranteed?

Yes. We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If we cannot remove your information from the requested site(s) we refund your money for the cost of that site.[/faq]

Are you affiliated with or owned by any mugshot listing sites such as Arrests.Org?

NO WAY! RemoveMugshots.com does NOT have any affiliation or connection with any of the mugshot database sites, Nor do we post or store mugshots of anyone what so ever on the internet. We do not agree with or condone the posting of arrest records and mugshot images online or otherwise. We are a private company who provides a service to those who do not know how or do not have the time to remove their own mugshots from the internet.

Why should I trust you over your competition?

Because we are honest and believe in doing honest business with our customers. We are also the most reliable and fastest at what we do.